“Germs of Endearment” – Angie Tribeca S03E09 Review (spoilers)


And so we come to “Germs of Endearment”, the penultimate episode. And it doesn’t make much more sense than anything else relating to the Calvin Sniglet serial killing story arc. Even the writers kind of poke fun at it, by having Angie describe what has been happening with it to Jay to make sure that he remembers it.

The whole thing ties pretty loosely, if t all, to Sniglet’s plan to wipe out humanity for the sake of the animals. He somehow manages to break into a Department of Defense bioweapons lab, steal a penguin flu virus, and spill some of it on a doctor’s salad. The doctor soon dies at his wife’s boss’s dinner table, and the team is on the case!

Oh, we also catch up with the end of last week when Angie goes to see her father Pete, played by Ernie Hudson. He promptly sneaks out on her again and that’s the end of that subplot. Although it leads to a despair of humanity to Angie. Except later when she tells Sniglet that she wants to join him because she’s lost her faith in humanity, she’s… pretending. Not pretending. Channeling her angst? I’m not sure. The whole thing is one of those overplayed sequences where Angie talks to him on the phone. And Monica keeps calling Angie to interrupt and tell her that she’s tracing the call.

This leads to a brief sequence in a mirror shop where Angie picks out Sniglet from among all of the reflections, hits him in the leg, and he escapes.

The main plot is that Sniglet is ready to infect LA with the penguin flu virus using Snot Block Nasal Spray.. The creative team reenacts the bit from Jaws where the mayor is worried that a quarantine will affect the city’s tourism during “Avocado Fest”. He spells out (literally) that there won’t be a quarantine. The mayor does get a couple of other good scenes, when he gives a press statement of the “there’s nothing to see here” variety from inside a quarantine plastic cell. And later when he tells the citizens that they’ve found a cure and they can go back to their lives of quiet desperation.

As previewed last week, the search is on for more penguins so that Monica can make up the antidote. This leads to scenes of SWAT officers capturing penguins, including the Penguin. However, Sniglet abducts Monica and that’s the end of that for this week.

There are a few more sight gags that are pretty funny. Angie driving away from her father’s home sees increasingly absurd scenes of fathers with their daughters on front lawns. Borrowing a page from Monty Python, there are several vomiting scenes that go on and on and on. As well as some other quick bits like Danny getting infected. After a long projectile vomiting scene, everyone says that it’s a shame that he can’t be there. They all look down–to comment on the new flooring–and then they call Danny in so that he can be there.

There’s also a few even quicker sight gags. Like Pritkin saying that he hasn’t lost his marbles and you can see a jar of marbles on his desk in the lower left.

There were also some weird moments, like Angie having Jay zip up her hazmat suit and them almost kissing. The bit where Jay wasn’t worried about infection (“I never get sick”) seemed to be going somewhere but never did.

Overall, “Germs of Endearment” was an okay episode of the show. It didn’t handle the subplotting well, but then again no episode this season really has. The outbreak plot leant itself to enough jokes to fill an episode, and it almost seems like they could have used another episode to explore it all. Unlike last week’s Blindspot parody, where they seemed to run out of jokes ten minutes in.

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“Germs of Endearment” – Angie Tribeca S03E09 Review (spoilers)
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