Nashville – ‘Til I Can Make It on My Own – Advance Preview: “Happiest Yellow Home”


Why, oh why, must we go through this again? Welcome Nashies to this week’s preview where I will attempt to contain my frustration. So, this episode starts off with the classic trope of showing us something, then flashing back however many hours to show us how we got there. The flash forward features none other than our resident queen of formerly mean: Juliette. Still dealing with the fallout of her album underperforming and not being liked by critics, she makes a decision about an upcoming performance. While the decision itself is neither good nor bad, the execution is poor. Juliette reverts back to her season 1 characteristics of lying and manipulating to get her way. Just when I think we’ve moved past this and we see really depth and growth, something like this happens. One step forward, two steps back. Thankfully, she has Avery in her corner who convinces her to eventually do the right thing. However, this happens after she gets caught in a lie. Note to self: when preparing to manipulate others around you, make sure Emily knows the plan.

So while I’m frustrated with Juliette, I can’t be too mad at her because she is going through a rough time. Her album was poorly received, and this performance is her first since before the plane crash. She’s under a lot of pressure and starts reliving some painful memories from her past. We, as an audience, get a look into these memories through flashbacks, and they’re honestly heartbreaking. These memories add some depth to her character and help explain why she is the way she is. We know her mother was more interested in drugs than her and her father died when see was young, but it still breaks my heart to see a young Juliette in pain. I will admit that the last flashback really confuses me. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be some repressed revelation or merely a conversation young Juliette wished she had. I really need the EPs to clear things up because I can’t tell one way or another.

Switching gears to the youngest Conrad, Daphne continues to hang out with Liv, and to no one’s surprise, Liv is not the best influence. Liv and some of her homeless friends engage in some slightly criminal activity that Daphne is happy to watch from behind the fence. Daphne later decides it’s a perfectly good idea to bring Liv home with her. Daphne, let’s go through this again; Liv is a person, not a puppy. You can’t just sneak your homeless friends into your house. It’s like Daphne’s on a mission to save Liv because she couldn’t save her mother. I could be completely off in that assessment, but that’s just my two cents. Daphne could simply be going through the adolescent stage of teenage rebellion, but I think her desire to help Liv stems from more than just simple kindness.

So, the other storylines only really received a couple of scenes this episode. The confrontation between Zach vs. Bucky comes to a head, and a “winner” is declared. However, this may have just been a battle in a much larger upcoming war. Avery gets a really great opportunity, but Juliette inadvertently ruins it. To be fair, she doesn’t know about it, but as someone on Twitter explained Avery is always the bridesmaid in the Javery relationship. Scarlet has two interactions with Damien where they discuss her pregnancy. I’m honestly not sure which one makes me angrier. Oh wait, it’s the second interaction. Damien behaves like the stereotypical ass when he finds out he’s the father, but the things he says in the second scene they share together just push me over the edge. No, that is not how you really feel. Please stop trying to wreck my ships, EPs.

Do not miss the newest episode of Nashville when it airs Thursday, June 8 at 9 on CMT.

As your weekly parting gift, I give you humorous and heartfelt quotes alike to tide you over until tomorrow:
“No one says you have to do this.” / “I say I have to do this.”
“The ship has not sailed. I say when ships sail, and I’m saying this ship has not sailed.”
“I have no idea anymore. I don’t know what I’m doing.”
“This was just sort of sprung on me. We haven’t even looked at the bloody appetizers and, guess what, I’m a father.”
“You cannot sacrifice the company, your family…for me.”
“What’s a Deacon?”

So hit the comments below to let me know your thoughts. Who wins the Zach vs. Bucky war? What does Damien tell Scarlet that makes me want to throw a remote at the TV screen? Why is Daphne helping Liv? What opportunity does Avery pass up? And will Juliette ever stop scheming? (Probably not!)

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Nashville – ‘Til I Can Make It on My Own – Advance Preview: “Happiest Yellow Home”
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