‘Preacher’ season 2 premiere ‘On the Road’ review

Preacher returned to our screens last night like a bat out of Hell in the explosive season 2 premiere!

Preacher season 2 truly became the show it was en route to be as it hit the gas full speed into the comic book territory of Garth Ennis and Steven Dillon with “On the Road.” We meet back up with Jesse (Dominic Cooper), Tulip (Ruth Negga) and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) right where we left them at the very beginning of an epic road trip to find God.

After a glorious car chase tuned to “Come on Eileen” by Dexys Midnight Runners, the gang runs out of gas (totally worth it) and is nearly caught by the squad of state troopers. As an officer tries to pull the detained Cassidy out into the sun, Jesse begins using Genesis at will.

One of the most compelling aspects of this episode was the subject of consent synonymous with Jesse’s use of God’s power of command. Tulip voices her disapproval (after having Genesis used on her during the season 1 finale) and puts the suppressing ability into perspective for Jesse. As he ponders his power, the Saint of Killers rains hellfire down upon the scene.

Graham McTavish (Saint of Killers) is exceptional as the ruthless cowboy serving up more than a few astounding moments this episode. His bloodthirsty vengeance will be a merciless but welcome addition as he hunts the trio wherever they and Genesis go.

If we thought Jesse had unconventional ways, he was nothing compared to the “religious scholar” Mike (Glenn Morshower). He suggests God probably had a reason for leaving and may need help. Jesse retorts a question that’s been heavy on his mind: what if he doesn’t like his reason? He declares his purpose is to find God and in return is given information of a mysterious woman who claims to have seen him. The trio leaves only to be replaced by the Saint of Killers still hot on their trail. Before his interrogation gets ugly, Mike silences himself with a knife in the heart.

I don’t think you could encapsulate the entity of Preacher more perfectly than by having a strip club be the first destination of God. Tammy (Jeanette O’Connor) is obviously shaken as we get to the truth of her glimpse at God Almighty. She’s terrified from his ability to stare through a person as if they’re glass and insists he won’t be bothered to even entertain the thought of answering questions.

In a break of hilarity (famous in Preacher), Tulip and Jesse further debate the morality of using Genesis directly in front of Tammy, who stands to defend herself. Then, right as Jesse assures her no harm, she’s shot by a bullet from the other room (by a bouncer who, even funnier, is dealing with Cassidy). He panics to hear the answer that would get them closer to finding God when she tells him He came to the club for the jazz.

The trio checks into a motel where Cassidy sees an intriguing ad for the Mumbai Sky Tower featuring a familiar face. When Jesse later goes out for a smoke, he’s face to face with the cowboy who’s been stalking them. He tries using Genesis to stop him, but the Saint of Killers keeps moving as he points his gun directly at Jesse and pulls the trigger.

The fun is just getting started as we head down south tomorrow when Preacher moves to its regular time slot in episode 2 “Mumbai Sky Tower” at 9 p.m. on AMC!

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‘Preacher’ season 2 premiere ‘On the Road’ review
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