‘Teen Wolf’ Final Season Trailer Shows Off the Return of Stiles, Derek and Jackson  Monday, July 10, 2017

After offering nothing but a collection of clips and the vaguest of sneak peeks, MTV has finally delivered some meaty new footage of Teen Wolf‘s final season. In the first official trailer for the show’s final 10 episodes, which will start airing later this month, a much clearer picture of the final season emerges. It is a picture which features several returning characters from Teen Wolf‘s past.
The trailer opens with the usual creepy and bloody imagery for a Teen Wolf teaser. There are several looks at bloody corpses and deadly monsters. Characters are, once again, talking about facing their biggest threat yet. Once the stereotypes are covered, though, things kick into high gear as Teen Wolf makes it seem like the final season will truly bring the series full circle.
Scott and the gang are, just like they were in season 1, on the run from hunters. Seemingly leading the charge of these new antagonists is one of season two’s major villains, Gerard Argent. Gerard’s return to Teen Wolf isn’t entirely surprising considering the actor has appeared infrequently since his big starring role in season 2, though the elder hunter appears to have completely recovered from his medical afflictions of the past that were supposedly killing him. Argent, in perfect health, is just one of several characters who will be making their way back to Beacon Hills.

While Argent has the most screen time in the trailer, Stiles and Derek Hale also pop up in some big dramatic moments. The appearance of both characters makes it clear that Teen Wolf will not fight the final battle without either of the fan favorites being present. Derek and Stiles are back to finish what they started as members of Scott’s pack.

While Derek was abruptly written out of the show in season 4, Stiles has been a part of Teen Wolf since the very beginning. It does appear that while Stiles will be a part of the final 10 episodes, he won’t be heavily featured at all. This likely due to Dylan O’Brien’s other acting commitments which greatly reduced his role in the first half of season 6 too.

In addition to Derek and Stiles, Jackson (Colton Haynes) can be glimpsed in a very quick shot. Jackson is not alone, however — the former high school bully is accompanied by one of the werewolf twins from season 3. While the twin that is with Jackson is likely Ethan, since he is the only one who is still alive, the whole sequence could be a part of a vision. Lydia, Teen Wolf’s usual delivery vehicle for dream sequences, did date both Jackson and the dead werewolf twin, Aiden, after all.
The trailer is full of tons of other shocking and very quick moments too, including a scene in which Scott and Malia are getting “very close,” but what is your favorite quick tease? Are you excited to know that Jackson, Derek and Stiles will be back? Who do you still hope will return?
Teen Wolf season 6B will begin on Sunday, July 30 at 8/7c.
(Image and video courtesy of MTV)


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‘Teen Wolf’ Final Season Trailer Shows Off the Return of Stiles, Derek and Jackson  Monday, July 10, 2017
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