Amid “Hawaii Five-0″ fallout, CBS loses its head of drama

In another blow to The Eye, drama exec Christina Davis is turning her maternity leave into a permanent exit

In the latest development that could be connected to a growing image problem for CBS, Christina Davis, the network’s executive vice president of drama series development, is leaving CBS after two decades spent with the company.

Davis joined in 1997 as the assistant to Nina Tassler, who went on to become the network’s entertainment chairman. Tassler elevated Davis to head of drama in 2007. In that position, she became responsible for developing a number of series that have helped CBS remain maintain its ratings dominance.

Like Tassler, Davis is a Latina who has graced her share of industry “power” lists. Billboard ranked her seventh on its Hispanic Women Power 25 list dated 2007, with Tassler seated in the top slot. (Davis ranked more highly on this list than Jennifer Lopez, by the way.) But Tassler stepped down from her position as CBS entertainment chairman in 2015.

According to trade reports, Davis is on maternity leave after giving birth to twins last month and had time left on her current contract.

“My two decades at CBS have been the most rewarding of my life, and I can’t thank Leslie Moonves enough for his leadership and vision,” Davis said in a statement appearing in Variety. ” . . .And now, with gratitude for what has gone before, I look forward to new challenges ahead of me, including my expanding family.”

It’s not unusual for executives to step back from the rigorous demands of corporate culture after the recent birth of one child, let alone two. But being told that a TV executive is stepping down to “spend more time with their family” can be equivalent of a parent reassuring a child that her beloved pooch Sparky has been sent to a live on a farm upstate.

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Amid “Hawaii Five-0″ fallout, CBS loses its head of drama
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