‘Fahrenheit 451’ First Look: Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon Set Fire to the Future

Indie favorite Ramin Bahrani brings Ray Bradbury’s iconic novel to HBO for a very intriguing new adaptation.

Ramin Bahrani has become an indie staple after acclaimed efforts such as “Chop Shop,” “Man Push Cart,” and “99 Homes,” but his most high profile release might just be the upcoming HBO film adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451.”

The television film marks the second collaboration between the director and Michael Shannon. The actor earned rave reviews for his supporting turn in “99 Homes” and was even a dark horse for a Best Supporting Actor nomination. Michael B. Jordan plays the lead Montag, a young fireman in a dystopian future where media is an opiate and books are banned and burned. Montag battles his mentor Beatty (Shannon) in a fight to regain his humanity. Laura Harrier, Sophia Boutella and Lilly Singh co-star.

“Fahrenheit 451” was first published in 1953. Previous adaptations include François Truffaut’s 1966 film adaptation. Bahrani is currently in production on the film. HBO has not given a release date yet.

By SpoilerAndMore