Sweet/Vicious: Why the Series Was Cancelled, According to MTV Boss

Why was Sweet/Vicious cancelled? Recently, MTV chief Chris McCarthy spoke with The Hollywood Reporter  about ending the freshman TV series.

The low-rated dark comedy revolved around two female college students who secretly act as wannabe vigilantes. The cast included Eliza Bennett, Taylor Dearden, Nick Fink, Dylan McTee, Brandon Mychal Smith, and Aisha Dee.

Speaking to THR, McCarthy explained that MTV cancelled Sweet/Vicious because the network was struggling and couldn’t afford the risk of renewing a low-rated (though critically praised) series:

When I came back to MTV, in all honesty it was a triage. As much as we loved certain stories and things that were in development, I had to have a hard, cold look in the light of day at what was actually going to work and what we were going to place our bets on. And this is no different than when I was at VH1 or even MTV 2 in the beginning. We had to be honest with where we think the potential is. And we made a ton of cuts and we then took that money and invested it in ourselves again and quite honestly it’s why June we turned a corner [the first time MTV was up in adults 18-34 since 2011] . We really did turn that corner and we needed to do that by June because the summer is such a pivotal month for MTV. The unfortunate thing is there are projects that I left on the floor that if we had the opportunity to tell again it would probably be a different story. But if we didn’t make those hard choices, we wouldn’t be in the enviable position we are in today.”

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Sweet/Vicious: Why the Series Was Cancelled, According to MTV Boss
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