Reverie Episode 3 “No More Mr. Nice Guy” Photos

Reverie Episode 3 “No More Mr. Nice Guy” Photos

The Fosters exec producer Peter Paige has teased what to expect from the show's spinoff, Good Trouble, which will follow Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) as they embark on the next phase of their young adult lives in Los Angeles.

Speaking with EW, Paige said: 

It’s going to be really good! I’m really excited about it! The world we’ve found for them, their jobs, the place they’re living, the people they’re surrounded with is really good. It’s a beautiful, messy, adult extension of the heart of The Fosters.


When asked how much fans will see Stef and Lena, the EP offered: 

I can’t confirm or say anything officially, but we absolutely are very hopeful and optimistic that we’re going to get to spend some quality time with the moms.


Co-showrunner Joanna Johnson, meanwhile, revealed to TV Line certain storis that will be revisited on Good Trouble. She teased:

We’re planning a moms episode really soon. I’m breaking that one. We want to see Brandon and Eliza, and we definitely want to see Jesus. We want to see them all this season, for sure, as long as they’re willing to come.



* Paige on Beau Mirchoff's presence:

We might just see a little bit of Beau Mirchoff.


Head over to Good Trouble Spoilers page for the latest news. 


TV Line

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Reverie Episode 3 “No More Mr. Nice Guy” Photos
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