Supergirl Season 3 Episode 23 “Battles Lost and Won” Photos (Season Finale)

Supergirl Season 3 Episode 23 “Battles Lost and Won” Photos (Season Finale)

Fear the Walking Dead killed off Madison (Kim Dickens) on last week's episode. How will the Walking Dead spinoff move forward without the group's main leader?

Exec producer Andrew Chambliss addressed this burning question in an interview. He told EW:  

I think the answer to that question is what the back-half of the season is about. Even though we see the group sitting around the campfire, sharing a cup of noodles as the episode ends, there is still a lot for this group to figure out emotionally. Alicia, Strand, and Luciana kind of forgot what Madison fought so hard for, what she died for. It’s gonna be hard for them to square that with how they honor her moving forward. There are still tensions between Charlie and June and the rest of the group, for the role that Strand, Alicia, and Luciana feel like they made have played in what happened at the stadium. So that question is really all the drama that we’re gonna be exploring in the back-half of the season.


As to what to expect in season 4B, here's what co-showrunner Ian Goldberg offered: 

That’s a great question, and without giving away where we’re heading in a story way, what we can say is that the group that we see sitting around the campfire is not a group that imagined they would end up together considering where we’ve seen their circumstances throughout the first half of the season. And so, there’s a lot to explore there in terms of Alicia, Strand, and Luciana. They’ve been on a very dark revenge mission from the moment we’ve seen them in a present-day storyline. They’ve stood down from that now, they’re no longer pursuing that. What’s next for them? That’s been their purpose, that’s what’s bonded them together. And now that they’ve sort of stepped back from that, it’s a question of, where do they go from here?

And same with Morgan. Morgan didn’t want to be with people, now he is. What is that gonna mean for him? John Dorie and June have found each other, what’s that gonna mean for them? Charlie killed Nick, was a Vulture that contributed to the downfall of the stadium, but now she finds herself with this unusual family of sorts that have been brought together by turns of events. And then there’s Al of course, who has been documenting their story and we saw that ultimately her story that she’s had of the Madison tape has changed the trajectory of all their lives as well. So there’s a lot to come, but they have a new story and emotions that we’re gonna explore with these people going forward.


When asked whether fans will see a new Big Bad in the back half, Chambliss commented: 

That’s a very good question and I will say this much: Obviously we will have walkers as a threat because this is the zombie apocalypse, but we are going to be doing an antagonist that is something we haven’t seen on either show before, and let’s just say one of the big challenges that our group is gonna be facing comes from nature itself.


Finally, is Madison really dead?

In an postmortem interview with TV Guide, Dickens confirmed that her character is indeed, dead.

Sorry, fans.. 


Fear the Walking Dead returns Sunday, August 12 on AMC. 

Head over to Fear the Walking Dead Spoilers page for the latest news. 



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Supergirl Season 3 Episode 23 “Battles Lost and Won” Photos (Season Finale)
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