The 100: 40 Best Reunion Moments

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The 100: 40 Best Reunion Moments

At this point, The 100 is practically known for its reunions, with the start of each new season creating a race to see which characters will have the most memorable one. 

If you watch The 100 online, you know there have been some fantastic ones over the years, both because of how they pulled at our hearts and the way that they added depth to a relationship or a specific character. 

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But not all reunions have to be dramatic, sometimes there are funny reconnecting moments or reunions that stood out because of what they meant after the fact.

Here is a slideshow of some of the best reunion moments so far on The 100, with a focus on the memorable and the unexpected. 

1. Riley’s Reunion with The 100
Riley is the essence of the show, he was always what made it good from the plot, to character development, to surprise twists. There would be no show if there had been no Riley, which is why his reunion with his people was such a momentous occasion.
2. Bellamy and Clarke’s Emotional Reunion
Bellamy and clarkes physical reunion
Those two words set a fire in Clarke and in us. It has been six years of Clarke waiting for Bellamy while he has been trying to move forward with the memory of her. This reunion had the most impact because of the love that these two had for one another and how it amplified the emotions already present in this scene.
3. Bellamy and Clarke’s Physical Reunion
Bellamy and clarkes emotional reunion
Picking up where their last reunion left off, Bellamy and Clarke got a second just to be in each other’s presence. This, of course, meant that they took the opportunity to make sure they wouldn’t take their hands off each other.
4. Octavia and Kara’s Bittersweet Dinner Date Reunion
Octavia and kara
Octavia may not have had time to say goodbye to Kara, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t get to spend some more time with her friend after that.
5. Clarke and Madi’s Desert Set Reunion
Clarke and madis desert happiness
There is nothing as pure as Clarke and Madi have been this season on The 100, so their reunion with one another was no different. This moment was full of love and happiness, and it made us all hope that everything relationship could be this wonderful.
6. Murphy and Emori’s Reunion With Faith
Clarke and abby
These two have struggled to figure out how to be with one another, and yet this moment was wonderful in the way that it reminded us that Murphy and Emori still care about each other very much. Things may have changed but Emori will still look out for Murphy and that is really reassuring.

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The 100: 40 Best Reunion Moments
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