Siren Season 2 Spoilers: 2 New Promos + Sneak Peek #1 Dropped!

Siren Season 2 Spoilers: 2 New Promos + Sneak Peek #1 Dropped!

No new episodes of FOX's The Resident will air until January 14th.

While this is the case, we've rounded up some spoilers abound in the second half of the medical drama just for you!

Here's what we know so far:

1. The midseason premiere picks up “very soon after” the fall finale. 

According to exec producer Todd Harthan, it will immediately give answer whether or not Marshall survived. Harthan also described the first episode back as a “powerful episode” for Matt Czuchry's Conrad. 

“There was a lot to mine there, and there’s still a lot to get out of their complicated relationship,” Harthan teased.

“[Episode 10 shows] the true, raw emotion of a son who is about to potentially lose his father. Matt [Czuchry] really nailed the bigger, emotional moments.”


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2. The hospital's ongoing fraud storyline will deeply affect Dr. Bell moving forward, warned Harthan. 

“[Dr. Bell] dodged a bullet [in Season 1] , and the big question we’re asking this year is, ‘Will he be able to dodge it again?’ This is potentially even bigger, more explosive and crippling for the hospital if it goes wrong.”

“The seeds of QuoVadis really start to yield some pretty poisonous information and results for him. It gets very, very complicated. I think you’ll be very surprised by what he does and how gets out of it.”


3. Obstacles await Nic and Conrad in the back half

“In just about every episode, there’s a new one for them to overcome… and they just start stacking up,” Harthan revealed. 

“It’s going to be a ‘hold on and hope that they make it’ kind of ride.”


Head over to The Resident Spoilers page for the latest news. 


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Siren Season 2 Spoilers: 2 New Promos + Sneak Peek #1 Dropped!
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